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How to Build Hydrogen Generator Cheap & Easy Way? Build Hydrogen Car Run Car On Water Use Water as Fuel

"Who Else Wants To Save $2,972 On Gasoline By Building The Most Efficient Hydrogen Generator Kit aka Hydrogen Fuel Cell In Just One Single Day? "

 You Have Landed On The Right Website...

Here is The EXACT system I Used to Build Hydrogen Generator Under $50 & Run My "OWN" Car & Over 2,000 Others' To Run On Hydrogen Fuel Generated from Tap Water...


I Have Already Saved Over $2,972 on Gasoline in Last One Year! You Can Save Literally $1,000s On Fuel & Vehicle Maintenance If You Follow The BHC Guide. I ASSURE YOU That You Will Thank God That You Arrived Here.

Read Every Word Here, to the bottom of the page!

You will be able to Build Your OWN Hydrogen Generator in ONE SINGLE DAY...

In fact, You Can Start Using This NEW HYBRID TECHNOLOGY in Next Few Hours By Making Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Also, Start Saving Your Money on Fuel By Building Your OWN Hydrogen Generator At Home. Here are some of the benefits of hydrogen generator kit/ Hydrogen fuel cell...


PROVEN Technology Which Has Existed for 75+ YEARS.

Build Your OWN Hydrogen Generator at HOME any "afternoon" under $50.

Make Your Car Engine Run "COOLER".

Increase Your Gas Mileage by 40% to 80% (TESTED).

Save Your Hard Earned 100s of Dollars EVERY MONTH.

Do all this, Keeping Your Car's Warranty Safe!


Watch the Hydrogen Generator/Fuel Cell in Actionnn



Hydrogen Generator Maker

From:  Alicia Robbins


Hey Friend,

Hope you are sincere about saving fuel and cut off your gas bills. The only thing you will find at the last to make this happen today is by knowing how to build hydrogen generator and run your car on water.

But you must be thinking Why you did not listen anyone driving a water powered car? The reason is simple. Just because everyone is looking for profits in this world. The Oil Companies had never wished that this technology would get into common man's hand. So, as a result, we could never believe that it was possible to run car on water. But it surely existed since more than 75 years.

What is the "Hybrid SYSTEM"?


Hybrid System is just a equipment to separate Hydrogen from water. There were so many kits produced which used Hybrid System to act the same task but they were build too costly (above $6000). In fact, there are pre-build kits available in the market which costs more than $2,500.

This technology has now been used to create a water powered device to generate power to charge laptops and other electronic devices.

However, the Oil Companies have always tried to hide the use of water as fuel in the automobile industry and I hope you understand the reason. But now, even they also can't keep us reveal the secrets.

And YES, There are more than 26,000+ Cars in US itself already running on the same system!

How Does it "Works"?


Hydrogen GeneratorIts a very easy system. It work to separate the hydrogen and oxygen contained in water. Once we get the Hydrogen out of water, we send it to the engine to mix with gasoline. Since, the combustion of Brown's Gas (Hydrogen), generates enormous energy.

We use this same hydrogen gas energy to mix with the energy produced by gasoline. That's how it  saves gasoline and increases the mileage of car INSTANTLY!


Is It All Safe To USE?

Yes! Its quite safe and easy to use this system. Its just like using an extra auto part with your car to increase your fuel's efficiency.Hydrogen Car Keys

The hydrogen is extracted-on-demand (when required). Unlike high volumes of pure hydrogen, small amount of extracted hydrogen from water is burned instantly in combustion producing energy.

There are thousands and thousands of cars running today using this system. There are thousands of converted automobiles and till today, no news of any accident or issue. It does not even risks your car's warranty because the conversion is completely reversible.



  • The Latest News On BBC Dated 14th June 2008, Revealed That HONDA (Japan) Is Starting To Build Hydrogen Cars Commercially By August 2008!

  • At the 2008 CES (Consumer Electronics show) in Las Vegas, there was a new water-powered device for charging laptops and other electronic devices! We are excited to see the power of water finally being used to its potential! The big oil companies have tried to stop the power of water from being used in the automotive industry, but they can't keep everyone's lips sealed!

How Can I Build Hydrogen Generator Kit at HOME?

What would be the COST?

You see its quite simple to build your OWN hydrogen generator kit at home. You just need a right guide which could show you the step by step way to build one. When I heard that it was possible to create Hydrogen Generator at home, I thought I would NEVER be able to do it. Although, I do have a Mechanical Certification but I thought it would be too complex to build hydrogen generator at home.

Hydrogen GeneratorThen I came across two guides which were available online and I was convinced completely to give it a try. I spent $146.97 ($97+$49.97) buying both of guides. But the described ways to build hydrogen generator in those two books were too complex and different. In real, it was little tough to build the way they suggested. Even when the author says that its easy to build. but it used modulating current to break the water molecule which made it more difficult. Still, out of curiosity, I started to study everything. Then it was the time to put it into action.

I went to the neighboring auto parts and hardware shop and purchased almost all articles. There were a few parts which I had to order online as well. I ordered them from Wal-Mart. I was able to build it "some how". The result... It didn't work the way I wished!! Total waste of almost $300...

My eyes were restless finding easier & successful way to build the hydrogen generator kit and with best results. And god hears everything. I came across another guide which promised to build the same system cheaper and more effective way. It used the steady stream of current to does the same job of separating the hydrogen from water, a different way. I was now sure because of previous mistakes and experience that this WILL WORK & when I build it, IT WORKED... Howla! SUDDEN Increase of MPG by 18!!!

And here is the blueprint of every step I used in The BHC Guide. Not only I used the household articles but also I used COMMON SENSE! You can build hydrogen generator for YOUR car with these simple steps, and you DO NOT need to Spend those crazy $97 and more for similar plans and then $200 and more on their parts.

You can easily build hydrogen generator Under $50 finding most of the parts in your home and rest from ANY auto parts shop!

The Brand New BHC GuideNew Water Car ("Build Hydrogen Car Guide") Reveals The Secret To Build Hydrogen Generator/Fuel Cell & Run Your Car On Water - Even The Gas Companies Can't Do Anything About This!

Can I Get The FREE Plans To Build Hydrogen Generator?

Surely, you can get those free plans to build a hydrogen generator but here is why I DO NOT recommend them:

  • Uneasy to understand & too Complex To actually Build hydrogen generator for real.

  • Parts Used are quite difficult to find around.

  • Mostly uses complex circuits and there is no one to guide about them.

  • Every model is not successful. no guarantee that the one you find will work or not.

  • They are free because they are old, obsolete and rarely tested by anyone. Plans used today are far better and produces RESULTS.

Why You Should Listen To Me..?

Coz Here Are Results...


BHC Guide User's Feedback

"With BHC Guide, I made it in a day..."


"Hi Alicia,

"Well I got my hydro up and running in a day. I have to do the tests on fuel consumption yet But I will say the emission is about 75% cleaner thats a plus I think It needs more hydrogen anyway I work on that,

As far as with few tests in the evening on mileage, its roughly showing an increase of around 23 mpgs which is great for me..

Thanks for bhc guide, those step by step pictures helped my big way, otherwise I would never have thought to build one.. The pic I am sending you with this email is of my hydrogen kit on ma Toyota.."

David Goodman, Australia





BHC Guide User's Feedback

"Saving in Excess of 50%..."


"Hi Alicia,
I haw developed My own Hydrogen Generator & saving in Excess of 50%
From My Petrol costs.
Haw a nice festive seasons




Why Should 'I' MUST Get "BHC Guide", RIGHT NOW?

I don't want to say all B.S.....! I just want to tell you the real truth for YOUR BENEFIT "STRAIGHT"!

Other people will charge you more than 50-200 bucks for the similar information and I bet you, you WILL need the parts which WILL cost you over $100 for SURE! So, Your investment will STILL be greater than $150-$250!

What I feel is that you are not here to spend your money but to save it. Just ask these two questions to yourself right now...

The little "BHC Guide" shows you the COMPLETE Step by Step way to build a Successful Hydrogen Generator System at Home. That too under $50!!!

When I build hydrogen generator, I wrote all the steps in details so that the System becomes easier and more affordable for my friends to build. So, I published a book re-writing all those steps as The BHC Guide (Build Hydrogen Car Guide). As I told you, I have already build my hydrogen generators and helped over 2,000 others build theirs, I know exactly what I am talking about. Even I am so sure that I can compare The BHC Guide with others which charges very high cost, from $97 to $297 and You know them. 



BHC Guide



Ease of Building Kit

Hydrogen Engine

Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Reduce Emissions



Somewhat Yes

Power Boost

15- 20%

15- 20%

13- 18%

Complexity & Technical Issues




Apprx. Price To Build Hydrogen Generator Kit As Shown On Their Site




Price of Guide/Manual

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Overall Rank for An Avg. Person




Overall Score

Hydrogen Fuel 


Hydrogen Device

Hydrogen Car


Check Below






Something About BHC

I wrote "BHC Guide" to make the hydrogen generator system more affordable for a common person to save on fuel and conserve the environment. On Regular Price, BHC Book in the market costs $147, because the information inside is TOO COMPACT - With All Detailed Pictures, Step by Step and NO B.S. Unlike others! Easy enough for even a novice to follow. And MIND IT > Over 2,000 People Have SUCCESSFULLY Used BHC To Build Hydrogen Generators!

While Online E-Book version costs $77 (because its in digital format and no shipping and solidification involved).

***BUT I have JUST ONE FLAT Special Discounted Price For You & That's $147 $77 Just $17! I am NOT SURE How long will I keep this cost. Since, Others charge over $97 for similar information, It reduces BHC Value charging less! So, Kindly check the price by CLICKING "Add To Cart" Right AWAY!   For Your Privacy, I use PayPal Secured Payments ONLY. So, You DON'T Need To Worry About Your Credit Card Privacy!

Its just one-third of the regular e-book price. So, Your TOTAL Est. Cost to Completely Build and Install Hydrogen Generator Kit is still less than 77 bucks! Whereas you gotta invest more than $200 If you implement ANY OTHER Guide/E-Book/Method.

I never priced BHC Guide this low, and won't for much longer!

SMALLER SYSTEMS SELL ON THE INTERNET FOR $900-$1,500 AND THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY. However, they take over a year to pay for themselves.

BHC system (You build using BHC Guide)  will easily pay for itself within a week or two. Once installed, it will save you an average of $50-$110 per month for many years into the future!

That's a savings of well over $500-$1000 per year, every year, for a low one-time payment of just $147 $17. The math is real, and so are your savings! Click below to download NOW.

Run Car On WaterHydrogen Generator 

Guide, The BHC Guide

Water As Fuel

Save Thousands Of Dollars On Fuel Bills By Building Your Hydrogen Generator Using BHC Guide.

Click Below to Order Your Copy Of "BHC Guide" NOW!

Not Sure Whether you will get for 17 bucks, Just check If You can get it today for $17.

 100% SECURED PAYPAL ORDER, Instantly Processed!

(Download this e-Book INSTANTLY Even If Its 2 at Midnight)

"This Works Even If You Have Not Heard Before About "

This e-Book is in PDF format. Please click here to install the e-book reader Free, "Adobe Acrobat Reader".


BHC Guide User's Feedback

"I have become their hero..."

"Dear Alicia,

"First of all, I would like to thank you for creating such a compact and solid guide to build hydrogen gas generator. Let me tell you I searched all over the internet to find the best guide at an affordable price but I think people out there are quite greedy. I mean people are charging $97 and more for the same information."

"When I found your site, I could not believe that your system would work because it was quite low priced as compared to market. But I implemented BHC guide, very effective with all those detailed pictures and steps to follow. I successfully build the hydrogen generator for my car. "

"It took me 2 days, but I was happy that I could do it. My Toyota is saving me around 35% of my gas bills. Now, when I have build it for myself, I am helping my friends and I have become their 'hero'. Thanks Alicia, you are just too good providing the e-book such a low price!"

Alex Pierce, Georgia



Benefits of Ordering TODAY!

And now for something INCREDIBLE...


Hydrogen Generator Bonus


62 Ways to BEAT The Gas Pump Monster! Get the FULL facts on Fuel saving, learn how to Save Fuel, Increase Mileage, how to maintain your car for more value!

This e-book will give you some tips, guidelines, and basic advice for helpingyou reduce the amount of money that you spend each week filling up yourvehicle.

It will also provide you with basic gasoline and vehicle information as well as provide you with numerous tips and suggestions for saving money at the gas pumps as well driving more efficiently.

If you don't know where to start but would like to end up being a Fuel Saving Genius this is the book you want to read first . . .      Price: $47.00,  Yours FREE!

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Yes! Alicia, Give Me My Copy Of "BHC Guide" & Bonuses!

"I want to Create my 'OWN' Hydrogen Generator Kit at Home For My Car/Truck To Save As Much As $2,972 in 1 Year On Fuel Bills!"

"I Understand That, 17 Bucks Is The CHEAPEST BARGAIN For What You Are Offering To Run My Car On Water & Save On Fuel FOREVER. I Want To Grab This Offer Before You Lift."

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 Water Fuel GuideHydrogen Fuel Generator Guide (The BHC Guide)

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BHC Guide User's Feedback

"Palio run on water in just 45 bucks.."

"Your Book is well WORTH the prize. I could make my own Palio run on water in just 45 bucks!! That's terrific! Its LIKE JACKPOT!! I love you for this!!! Keep up the good work Alicia!"

H.L.Venice, Singapore



BHC Guide User's Feedback

"MPG.. from 16 to 29..."

That's what my mom said when I shared with her about your BHC Guide and what it could do with our car. Then we both worked on building hydrogen generator kit. Within a week, we had build hydrogen kit. Now my car has stopped sucking those ridiculous amounts of gas and even the engine runs smoother. MPG went crazy from 16 to 29 and I am still waiting to do some tweaks to make it up to 35!! Thanks uuuuuuu Alicia, YOU ARE ROCKING"

Milenine Williams, Florida



Five Good Reasons To Buy

  1. Increase Gas Mileage DRASTICALLY.

         46% users of BHC Guide have claimed an increase of over 90%+

  2. Get clear emissions.

Everyone who build a hydrogen fuel cell using BHC Guide has noticed 60%+ clear emissions.

   3. Increase Engines Efficiency.

You will increase your car/truck's engine efficiency lowering you maintenance expenses and frequent problems.

  4. Collect IRS Rebates.

I won't speak about it more coz you know what does that mean.. Simply, more money in your pocket... If you need more information, just search the web, you will get alot or just shoot me an email..

  5. Control Your Expenses (Most Important).

Just imagine, if right now you are paying about 200-300 bucks a month for gasoline. After building your hydrogen generator, your gas mileage increases by 50%... You will easily save over 150 bucks a month ~ $1,800 in savings/year just from fuel and what about lesser cost of engine and accessories maintenance? You easily get your investment back in JUST A MONTH!!

  I hope these reasons pretty clearly demonstrate that this investment is worth and is urgent...

One wise decision, savings forever...

Order Your Copy Of BHC Guide

(Download BHC Guide INSTANTLY Even If Its 2am!)

"This Works Even If You've Never Heard A Word Before "

This e-Book is in PDF format. Please click here to install the Free e-book reader "Adobe Acrobat Reader".


Alicia, Hydrogen Generator Builder!


Alicia Robbins

Build Hydrogen Generator

So, Its Not JUST That I Want You To Save Your Hard Earned Money But Also To Deliver You VALUE FOR MONEY!

 Take FULL ADVANTAGE Of This GREAT OFFER  PRICE TODAY, Before Its TOO LATE! You Will Realise That You BARGAINED THE BEST DEAL OF YOUR LIFE. I Am So Confident About That. Are You?

You Will Get The BHC Guide + Bonus & Soon You Will Find You Have Started Saving Big On Fuel Once You Build Hydrogen Generator & Run Your Car On Water!

If You Need ANY Help, Just Write To Me At: Contact For Hydrogen Generator or Water / 

Hydrogen Fuel Cell



P.S. And Yes, I GUARANTEE YOU that this is the BEST DEAL, Cheapest & Proven(By Over 2,000 people) Way You will EVER find online! All Orders are 100% SECURED BY PAYPAL & That's The Only Payment Option I Use! So, TAKE ACTION and Build Hydrogen Generator with The BHC Guide RIGHT AWAY! Click To Buy NOW...

P.P.S. BHC Guide is Step By Step Guide with all the PICTURES And DESCRIPTION required to Build & Install a Hydrogen Generator SUCCESSFULLY. $17 Price May Lift to $147 ANYTIME. Secure Your Copy NOW Ordering Above for Just $17,If its available. Check By clicking Buy Now or Order Button!

P.P.P.S Do NOT Forget to grab your gift, Report "Half Fuel & Double Mileage" above 100% F.R.E.E for you Today.

Hydrogen Generator Hydrogen Fuel Water Fuel Cell


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